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On the surface, it may seem like artists and entrepreneurs are two opposite sides of a coin. One relies on the analytical left side of the brain and the other depends on the creative right side. The truth is, people who are successful in these two domains actually share a lot of the same characteristics.

Intuition, or wise mind, is the peaceful balance of our logical and emotional minds. It gives us the ability to follow our gut instincts. Whether you’re an artist or a business person, intuition is a very important skill to have. Two extreme examples are Steve Jobs, who followed his instincts to create the iPod, and Michelangelo, who felt compelled to create the Sistine Chapel. In each of these cases, something internal told them to go forth with their vision.

While it may seem like artists have cornered the market on creativity, business leaders actually need to use their imagination quite often to develop creative solutions for everyday obstacles. Truly successful artists and entrepreneurs both need to come up with unique ideas on a continual basis and avoid copying someone else’s gameplan. That’s why thinking outside the box helps people stand out from their competition, no matter what industry they’re in. It gives them insight to look beyond concepts that already exist and helps them envision something new or improve ideas that already exist. Uber and Lyft are good examples of companies that expanded on an existing idea in an unconventional way.

Another trait that artists and entrepreneurs have in common is a hyper-focused sense of passion about a project. Throughout history, the greatest artists and industry leaders have demonstrated all-consuming levels of obsession about their dreams and ideas, immersing themselves in their work and becoming totally consumed. An artist spending weekends in a recording studio shares the same dedication as the entrepreneur spending a weekend in his office. They also tend to thrive in an environment where they are surrounded by like individuals who share their dedication.

Well-known artists and business people are familiar to us because they’ve worked hard to become a household name. They put their thoughts and words into action instead of just wishing for success and they understand getting their name recognized is a priority. They also have the patience to know that it might take numerous tries before they create a masterpiece or invent something life changing. Sometimes it takes quantity, in addition to quality, to achieve someone’s ultimate dream.

Delegating is also a skill that entrepreneurs and artists have in common. Because they both realize that it takes the focus away from the really important work if they are tasked with menial or repetitive jobs, successful artists and business people aren’t afraid to ask for help to achieve their dreams. Ultimately, they know they need to focus all of their energy on being creative.