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Music and the arts have been credited with impacting kids in their formative years for a long time. However, they have not directly been correlated to entrepreneurship and overall success. The skills students acquire through exposure and mastery of an art form have lasting impacts on the soft skills that make up successful entrepreneurs. When you distill it, there are quite a few similarities between success in the arts and bringing business ideas to life. The skills required for both show a striking resemblance.

Stronger Communication

Art in every form is a vehicle for communication. Whether it happens between musicians in a band, a performer with an audience, or expression through sculpture, communication is key. Each artist has to find their own way to channel a theme for others to digest. Providing students with that kind of training early in life leads to better communication. All great entrepreneurs have to be expert communicators, so why not create the leaders of tomorrow by sharpening their communication skills early on?


Confidence breeds success. It takes faith in yourself and your actions in order to bring new ideas to fruition. Entrepreneurs tend to be confident because they believe in their mission and purpose. The arts are a battleground for confidence, especially in school years. It takes a lot of courage to perform or put out a piece of artwork for others to consume. The more practice and positive feedback students receive helps build their overall confidence and self-worth.


Many disciplines within the arts are collaborative by nature. Learning how to thrive in that environment from an early age is a skill necessary for success in business. You might be wondering how collaboration in the arts transfers to business. It all boils down to understanding what piece of the puzzle you play a part in. In music, students must know their individual parts and understand how it fits into the music piece as a whole. That type of collaboration is directly applicable within a business setting.

Problem Solving

Anything creative is one big problem solving exercise. The act of creating something from nothing requires a sharp mind that has the ability to work through the unknown. Without realizing it, children are solving difficult questions when they work through portraying a character’s emotion in a play or figuring out how to convey emotion with an instrument. Working on problem solving skills from a young age equips them with the tools to succeed in their own business later on in life.