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Creativity is undervalued in most workplaces. Discipline and logic are the most talked-about qualities for businesspeople to have. Even so, they must be creative if they want to create new, unused ideas. There are 5 steps that many leaders take to promote creativity within their staff.

Remove All Borders

Being more creative starts with knocking down all borders. It’s common for a company to impose rules and restrictions for their employees. There should be no boundaries when it comes to creativity, though.

An active exchange of ideas should take place during meetings. Every employee should speak up and share his or her opinions. Outside of meetings, the company should provide ways for people to continue developing and sharing new ideas.

Let Them Experiment

Experimentation is an important part of success. The employees must be allowed to experiment with their ideas. Without action, there is no point for them to think creatively at all. For instance, if an employee develops an idea for advertising, the next step is to promote a small ad and evaluate the results.

Encourage At-Home Work

Most professionals know that their work does not stop when they leave the workplace. At home, they have offices to review their assignments for the next workday. For some jobs, the home is more suitable with quiet and comfort away from a crowded building. Thinking about ideas is easier when there are fewer distractions than in a typical, noisy office.

Provide Reassurance

Most employees want the freedom to learn from their own mistakes and figure things out themselves. So, they don’t enjoy listening to constant scolding from their supervisors. If employees suggest ideas that are not good, they should be praised for the good ideas that they did come up with. Overall, employees work harder when their supervisors praise the work that they are doing right.

Promote Variety

Creativity includes a mixture of different ideas and thoughts. To create more ideas, it’s necessary to find a wider range of viewpoints. Hiring new employees or networking with other professionals are several ways to find more creative minds. Some companies request customer surveys to get opinions from people who actually buy their products.

In business, there is the constant pressure to fit in and rise above the rest. An active flow of creativity is needed to rise above the competitors and come up with innovative products. Business leaders have to make the effort to promote this creativity among their workers.