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Josh Sason

Creative Inspiration

Josh Sason is the Founder & CEO of Magna, a global investment firm that focuses on creative investments in overlooked and underserved asset classes.

The firm and the Founder are driven by the vision statement, “to matter…” which represents the impact oriented approach that guides Magna’s business activities and growth. Josh has always and continues to strive to make a difference in the world around him through the work he does and art he creates — and often, that process begins with empowering others.

Today, Magna is a thriving enterprise with multiple investment strategies and teams: Magna:equities, Magna:ventures,Magna:entertainment, Magna:realestate and a SPAC franchise, MI Acquisitions (NASD: MACQ). The firm pursues its philanthropic work through the Magna:initiative, which aims to foster future generations of impactful entrepreneurship by supporting the connection between music and the arts and a creative approach to building businesses that matter.

For Josh, art and business are inexorably linked on every level. He was already a successful artist, musician and producer by the time he was a teenager, and once he began to pave his own way in business, he immediately began to draw parallels between the two worlds. Ultimately, this link led to the founding of Magna’s entertainment division that makes strategic investments and develops creative partnerships within the media industry. As the firm continues to grow, Josh understands that creativity, collaboration, and the quest to inspire are at the heart of any successful entrepreneur, and he’s undertaken a mission to share this message with others.

Thus the importance of the Magna:initiative which provides funding, time, energy and expertise to creatively-inspired individuals in their formative years. The results: a new generation of young, creative, inspiration-oriented leaders who can capitalize on the vast benefits of artistic inclination and participation that will promote the possibility for influential entrepreneurialism later in life.

Josh continues to actively create music in his home and office studios, and works to provide financial and creative support to meaningful creative projects across media sub-verticals. He co-produced the artist Esh’s eponymous EP. As a film producer, Josh has financed several feature films and documentaries through Magna Entertainment including HBO’s “The 50 Year Argument,” and 2016’s, “Bleed for This,” both in partnership with film legend Martin Scorsese.

Keep up with this blog for some of Josh’s insights into music, entertainment and why harnessing the power of the arts as a means for promoting impact matters now more than ever.